Industries & Applications

The X Driver System brings new solutions to old problems. Maintaining a large inventory, our permanent headquarters in Wichita, KS is centrally located for tool shipments and service truck transports to anywhere in the US. The X Driver System comes fully calibrated, is NIST-traceable and guaranteed to work, even in the worst conditions.


BOP, API flanges, wellheads, mud pumps, frac pumps


Tower sections, gear box, blade bolts, yaw drives

Natural Gas Transmission

Main bearings, foundation bolts, cylinder heads, cylinder base bolts


Flanges, valves, fittings, pig launchers, meters


Heat exchangers, reactor heads, ANSI flanges

Fertilizer Industry

Waste heat boilers, primary reactors, ANSI flanges

Mining and Rolling Equipment

Track bolts, sprocket segments, turntables, cutting edges, crushers

Power Generation

HP/IP/LP, turbine casings, crossover flanges, valves, feed pumps

Railroad Service

Track bolts, crab nuts, traction motors

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